VersaFlex Incorporated

VersaFlex manufactures their own Specialized High Performance joint fillers, sealants and repair products in a state of the art facility that is quality certified, ISO 9001- 2008 for industrial, commercial and retail projects. 

For more than 20 years our rapid set Polyurea Joint Fillers have outperformed traditional epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes for concrete joint protection. In fact, VersaFlex is known worldwide as “The Polyurea People®” because of our expertise and wide range of pure polyurea and specialty coating products. 

VersaFlex Joint Fillers and Sealants are specified “by name,” by many of the big brand/big box retail stores, supermarkets and the most reputable industrial manufacturing/warehousing companies in the world.

Concrete Joint Fill & Sealant Systems


VersaFlex SL/45

SL/45 is ideal for use on elevated parking decks, balcony decks, pedestrian decks and bridge decks where its quick and positive cure will allow rapid return to service.


VersaFlex SL/60

SL/60 is used to fill random cracks, contraction joints, control joints or new construction joints on new or old horizontal concrete surfaces. 


VersaFlex SL/75

SL/75 is designed specifically for industrial floor applications receiving heavy vehicle traffic, such as forklift or steel wheeled carts. SL/75 is flexible, accommodating small slab movement yet strong enough to protect the vertical edges of concrete from spalling under extreme loading.


VersaFlex SL/85

VersaFlex SL/85 is used to fill interior joints on horizontal concrete surfaces, repair damaged control joints, random cracks and freezer door thresholds. SL/85 may be used in interior control joint applications.


VersaFlex SL/88

SL/88 provides additional protection from spalling of joint edges/shoulders where heavy, hard wheel dollies and fork lift traffic are required. Ideal for industrial and warehouse applications, as well as restoration and repairs construction and contraction joints.


VersaFlex SL/90

VersaFlex SL/90 is used to quickly fill interior joints on horizontal concrete surfaces, to repair damaged control joints, random cracks, and freezer door thresholds. SL/90 may be used in interior control joint applications.